1. How do I mount the gritape correctly?

 In this tutorial, you'll see how easy assembly is: 

2. In which colors is the griptape available?

The griptape is only available in the color deep black. But it is a very nice black.


3. Can signs of wear appear through the griptape on my glove?

The Griptape is based on the physical effect, the increase of the friction coefficient - also friction coefficient called μ, between lever and glove. In rare cases, e.g. Full-finger touchscreen gloves can cause premature wear. In these cases we advise to reduce the grip level to # 1.


4. How long does the ZINE griptape last? 

The life of the griptape depends on how often and how intensively you use the griptape. Compared to the material leather the ZINE griptape material shows a very good performance.


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