How do I mount the gritape correctly?

1. Preparation

You need this for the assembly of the griptape.


Material and tool list:

- Griptape from Zine

- Cutter knife

- 3M VHB™ Surface Cleaner 


2. Cleaning the controls

Adhesive surfaces must be firm, clean, dry, free of grease and dust. Clean with benzine or isopropanol (do not use greasy household detergents).

Tipp: The 3M VHB™ surface cleaner are especially suitable for the preparation of adherends before bonding.


3. Remove griptape form

Choose griptape shape, remove from protective cover, do not touch adhesive.

Tipp: Remove the griptape on the tip of the cutter knife. So you can position the Griptape very well on the intended surface.

4. Get griptape up

Apply the griptape on the intended surface of the lever and press it firmly on the entire surface for at least 10 seconds. The griptape best lifts on smooth straight surfaces e.g. Lever. The griptape does not stick over rounded edges!


5. Let the adhesive dry

The optimum processing temperature is between 15°C and 25°C. Do not strain the bond before the end of 24 hours.


6. Final

Now it's time to try the griptape. Have fun - Grip Your Shifter.


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