GriptaPe Technology

How Is ZINE Griptape Different?

The griptape by Zine differs significantly from conventional skateboard griptape or other duct tapes with rough surfaces: 

If the griptape on top of your shifter is to high, it feels unpleasant during your shifting actions. Therfore we reduce the height as much as possible up to 30% thinner compared to standard skateborad griptape.

The honeycomb design allows an individual adjustment of the grip level system of your shift levers.

The Zine Griptape is without sharp particles used for conventional skateboard griptape (No sharp-edged particles from silicon carbide or alumina particles)


Thanks to different grip levels with a high or medium friction factor, you can personalize your ride for all conditions.

The laser cuts the edges of the griptape reliably, which means that exact shapes for all common levers can be produced on the market.

A flexible foil carrier is used which is particularly well attached to the surface. In combination with an industrial adhesive, the griptape is reliable and can still be removed residue-free.

Choose Your Grip Level:

You like grip, you will like our griptape XC/MARATHON. The griptape material is based on the technology of the griptape Enduro with a reduced friction factor. Ideal for Marathon riding or XC racers. The XC/MARATHON design is optimized to use without gloves.


GRIPMedium Grip


DESIGN: Ultra-flat design <<1mm


TECHNOLOGY: High tech polymer composite material without sharp particles with a medium friction factor.

Griptape without sharp particles, the griptape ENDURO is a brand new material developed from ZINE for the requirements of biking. The maximum grip performance is ideal for trail, enduro or downhill riding. 


GRIP: High Grip


DESIGN: Super-flat design <1mm


TECHNOLOGY: High tech polymer composite material without sharp particles a high friction factor.

Customize Your Shifter:

GRIP LEVEL #1 - 30% Griptape

For a medium grip level of your shifter use one of our large honeycomb griptape pads. 

One honeycomb covers approx. 30% of your shifter. This design is perfect in dry conditions for EnduroTrail & XC Riders. 



GRIP LEVEL #2 - 60% Griptape

For a incressed grip level of your shifter, use two of our honeycomb designs in combination. This cover approx. 60% of your shifter which is ideal for varying weather conditions in Enduro life style.



GRIP LEVEL #3 - 100% Griptape

For the maximum grip level, you choose the Full Shifter to cover the complete shifter for guaranteed traction at the thumb for Enduro, Downhill & Gravity riders. 


Grip Experience!

Summer Time - Trail Riding

Zine griptape  makes a significant different to the comfort when using the lever. With GripP your are able to customize your bike cockpit with exactly the grip your liking.


To The Point - Riding in Mud

Riding on wet trails can be an awful lot of fun but frantically grabbing at your slippy shifter with sodden wet gloves? Hmmmm, not so much! An easy pro tuning is to get the grip tape from ZINE to stick it to your shifters. It will give you the grip and confidence you need on foul days. 


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