Bike gear CarryIng Solutions

How is bike storage from ZINE different?

To carry accessories on your bike frame instead of your backpack, you have to streamline your essentials with you. Due to a varitity of frame designs on the market with multiple mounting options, different solutions for integrate the gear at the frame are required. Our focus is to create an compact construction with a lightweiht design, to get the highest integrated solution at the frame


Thanks to the slim fit design of the mountain bracket, the bracket do not protrude over the frame tube. 

Accessory mount can be direct mounted to bottle bosses of the frame.

Multiple mounting options enabling it fit to many positions at the frame.

Extra lightweight design compared to standard solutions at the market.

Integrate Your Accessories:

Bike Storage Solutions offers various options for flexibly organizing your accessories. From classic frame- or enduro strap solution, up to accessory mounts with bracket & strap for direct mount. With this options you will find the best way to carry your gear with you.


Tube Cage - Direct Mount

Integrate a inner tube and tools at all bottle cage bosses.

Tube Cage EX - Direct Mount

Integrate a inner tube and tools underneath the bottle cage.

Tube Cage MINI - Direct Mount

Integrate gear like tubeless repair kit, mini pump or CO2 cardridge at all bottle cage bosses.

Tube Cage - Frame Strap

Integrate gear like inner tube, tools or jackets at multiple mounting options.

 B I K E  S T O R A G E  S O L U T I O N S

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